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X VCI Ford VCM or super Ford IDS VCM: Choose which one?


X VCI ford vcm or Super Ford ids vcm which is the better Ford Diagnostic Device?

X VCI ford vcm super Ford IDS VCM

Maybe many customers has own Garage or Diagnostic workship, but when your needs ford OBD-ii diagnostic

equipment has full coverage on ford cars, maybe you are not sure for choose which one, Here,OBD2Motor list

some discussion from many auto service technician feedback, Sincerely hope it can help you.

OBD2motor sell complete clone super Ford IDS VCM,Top quality Ford VCM IDS not only work well on

Ford Mazda but also work well on Jaguar Land Rover. this kinds Ford VCM has the same PCB Design with the original,  

usually, most of buyer will ask X VCI Ford VCM Scan Tool and Super FORD VCM IDS which is better ?
Why choose Super Ford ids vcm from ADKTECH ?

Reason 1:  If  cusstomer need to work on all ford, he will need genuine IDS VCM or super ford VCM ISD. he

wants to do the job properly

Reason 2:  If his garage goes well and work on Land Rover and Jaguar, he wants to upgrade then we can look

at the genuine IDS or VCM II.

Reason 3:  its claimed X VCI ford vcm works with tech2 win/ gds2 ans sps with globaltis ,, anyone know if its

true and what versions it works with or only SPECIAL software supplied with unit?

Reason 4 : Just received my X-VCI ford VCM scan tool and thought I would share some internal PCB picture:

Looks very simple compared to even a low quality IDS VCM clone(OBD2Motor haven't sell). The primary

PC interface in USB -> TTL Serial which is obviously going to be a lot slower than the ethernet interface in

many tools. The supplied drivers convert this serial connection to a virtual ethernet.

I haven't managed to test the Ford VCM scan tool at all yet as I don't have a license key to unlock the module

so am waiting for the dealer supply this.

There is one component unpopulated, sitting right next to (AFAIK) a JTAG header. This MAY be for a

bluetooth module or chip, if so this may allow us to make an inexpensive upgrade.

If anyone has and internal shots of the "high end" version, it would be interesting to see the hardware


Overall the build quality is pretty good, I just hope there are enough electronics there to handle fault

conditions or signals outside normal operating ranges. There could of course be optical isolation in the

supplied OBDII 16 pin dongle, but as this is a moulded component, I didnt want to cut it open just yet.

Pics below...

super Ford IDS VCM PCB

 Why choose X VCI Ford VCM Scan Tool X VCI?

Reason 1 :the price is  Cheaper

Reason 2:  The almost problem with china FORD VCM is that it wont' reprogramming ecu well ,also lost

connections sometimes . X VCI ford would better choose more stable then LQ VCM FORD

Reason 3:  my x vci ids vcm clone lose connection not very good but top quality ford vcm(use the original software )connect good all time is better

Reason4:  i have used the super ford vcm, and connected on 2012 range rover sport with led type dash no problems ,hope this helps,

Reason 5: Hi yes it is good on ford it connects a lot better and doesnt lose connection like my ids vcm clone

does, i think it is good and does seem well made.



Note:  china Ford VCM have 3 Versions in China Market, in here OBD2Motor share  three kinds ford ids vcm from china.