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How to install Delphi DS150E New VCI software on Win 7

How to install Delphi DS150E New VCI software on Win 7

Delphi DS150E VCI tester is a professional auto diagnostic tool. New release 3013.3 software of Delphi DS150E can run on win 7 system. Here obd diagnostic center will teach you how to install Delphi DS150E new vci software on Win 7.

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Note: The R3 software Installation CD1 will load the DS150E diagnostic software. The Belkin Bluetooth software installs from a separate CD.

Here are installation method of Delphi DS150E New VCI software on Win 7:

1. Insert the Delphi Installation CD into the CD Rom drive.

Select Start >> RUN and browse for the DS150E.exe file from the CD inserted and select OK.

2. Click "OK" and the DS150E installation will begin. According to the online screen instructions to install the software.

3. Select the desired language.

4. View system requirements, tick box, then click "Next".

5. Select product and country, then click "Next".

6. Choose location, click "Install".

7. Drivers must be installed, click "OK".

8. Select "Install this driver software anyway", Click "Next".

9. When Installation is complete, click "Next".

10. Click "Finish"

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