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Monday 17 February, 2014 | RSS Feed

How to choose an Soldering station buying guide

by obd_diagnostic_center

How to choose an Soldering station buying guide

A Soldering station is a hand repair tool used in soldering. There are many Soldering station available on the market, for exmaple: ATTEN AT8586 2 in 1 Hot Air SMD Rework Soldering Station, Saike 852D+ 2 in 1 Soldering station. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Which Soldering station to choose for yourself depends on the soldering projects you want to do, This buying guide will cover choosing a wholesale and best Soldering station that will be used for projects in electronics for soldering and de-soldering work on the circuit boards.
ATTEN AT8586 2 in 1 Hot Air SMD Rework Soldering Station
The four main factors to consider when choosing a Soldering station are:

1) wattage
2) type of the Soldering station
3)temperature control
4) tip size and shape

Choosing a soldering station in the market can be quite daunting. You will easily find yourself lost in the huge selections available nowadays. Here, Auto OBD diagnostic Center share a simple buying guide when you choose an Soldering station before starting your discovery.
Saike 852D+ 2 in 1 Soldering station
The wattage of the soldering station is one of the most important factor of a soldering iron. Most of soldering station used in the electronics are in range 20 – 60 Watts. wattage 50W is very common in market,  and it will provide sufficient heat for most of soldering projects on the circuit boards. following these guides you can greatly save your precious time finding the best soldering station.amount of the heat on iron tip. On the other hand, soldering iron with low wattage (20W - 30W) can lose heat faster than it can re-heat itself - this results in bad solder joints.

Others Types of soldering irons

Generally, there are 4 different types of soldering irons:
-Soldering pencil
-Soldering station
-Soldering systems (rework /repair stations)
-Soldering guns

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